PLA Project Archive PLA Document Archive
Albion Riverside Park Departmental Project Labor Agreement 2010-2015A
Asphalt Plant 1 Replacement & Modernization Project (CIP G999) Project Infrastructure Stabilization Policy
CLARTS Stormwater and Safety Improvements Phase 2  
DCTWRP Electrical Power System Modifications  
DCTWRP Screw Pumps Installation & Upgrades  
(DCTWRP) Blower Air Clean-up  
HTP Headworks Improvements (CIP 2409) & Odor Control (CIP 2344)  
HTP Digester Gas Utilization Project (BOS)  
HWRP Digester Corrosion Rehab (CIP 2441)  
HWRP IPS Odor Control Facility Improvements  
HWRP Secondary Clarifiers Upgrade Mod 1-5 (CIP 2438)  
LAFD Van Nuys Fire Station No 39  
LCIS Blackwelder to Olympic Project  
Los Angeles Wastewater Control System Replacement Program-LAWINS  
Machado Lake Pipeline  
My Fig Project: Figueroa Corridor Streetscape Improvements  
N. Central Animal Services Phase II  
Normandie Sewer Replacement Rehabilitation  
North Outfall Sewer Rehab Unit 1  
North Outfall Sewer Rehab Units 6 & 7  
NOS Rehab Unit 18 Colorado to Doran Phase 1&2  
Parker Center Demolition  
Penmar Water Quality Improvement Project Phase 2  
Potrero Canyon Park  
Robertson Recreation Center  
Sixth Street Viaduct  
Slauson Compton Sewer Rehab  
South District Sewer Maintenance Yard  
SSRP El Sereno and Edison  
SSRP P17 Cypress Ave. & Division St.  
SSRP DAR 03 NE LA Eagle Rock, Los Feliz, Griffith Park  
TIWRP Aeration System Replacement(CIP 5159)  
Van Ness Rec. Ctr.-Pool and Bathhouse Replacement  
Venice Dual Force Main & Venice Pumping Plant Generator Replacement  

Completed PLA Projects

ATSAC Foothill  
COS Rehab Market St to Slauson Ave & COS at 59th St and 4th Ave  
COS Rehab Slauson Ave to Vernon Ave  
Echo Park Rehab Project  
Hawaiian and B Pumping Plant Rehabilitation  
HTP Digester Gas Desulfurization  
HTP Effluent Pumping Plant  
HTP Flares System Upgrade (CIP 1069)  
HTP - Grit Handling Improvements (CIP 2407)  
HTP Headworks Screening Handling Improvements and Grit Classifier Relocation  
HTP Secondary Clarifiers Upgrade (CIP 2422)  
HTP Service Water Facility Upgrade  
Hyperion Treatment Plant (HTP) 5 Mile Outfall  
HTP Truck Loading Facility Odor Control Modernization (CIP 2402)  
LAGWRP HPE & Air piping improvements (CIP 4158)  
LAPD Metro Police Facility  
LAPD New Northeast Area Police Station  
LAPD - Police Academy Project Replacement Training Facility  
Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehab  
North Valley Fire Station No. 7  
NOS Rehab Unit 2 - Western Ave to Vermont Ave and Unit 5 - San Pedro St to Hooper Ave  
NOS Rehabilitation Unit 3-Vermont to Trinity  
PLA Avenue 45 PLA Avenue 45
PLA South Los Angeles Fire Station No. 64 PLA Los Angeles Fire Station 64
PLA Harbor Replacement Station & Jail PLA Harbor Replacement Station & Jail
PLA Metro Detention Center PLA Metro Detention Center
PLA Police Administration Building PLA Police Administration Building
PLA Hollenbeck Replacement Police Station  
South LA Initiative