The Bureau of Contract Administration is one of five operating Bureaus in the Department of Public Works. The Bureau director also holds the title of the Inspector of Public Works.

The Bureau protects the City's interest through serving as an independent quality control and contract compliance agency responsible for providing assurance that all Public Works projects are constructed and administered in accordance with the plans, specifications, State and Federal laws and safety provisions to achieve a quality product. This effort includes but is not limited to the following:

We provide contract and construction administration services to ensure quality construction for street improvements, sewer and storm drain construction, bridges, tunnels, recreation and park facilities, airport facilities, sewage disposal plants,

We serve as the Public Witness to monitor and authorize payments to the contractor(s) for acceptable progress, minimize public liability, ensure public safety and convenience, and certify the quality of the finished product meets the design standards. This contributes to reducing and avoiding future maintenance costs.

We promote opportunity for those who work on City projects by administering Minority, Women and Other Business Enterprise Subcontractor Outreach Programs, and Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action for City contracts, state and federal prevailing wage laws for public works construction contracts, and City-wide certification of Minority, Women, Other, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE/OBE and DBEs).

The Bureau of Contract Administration is also the City's Designated Administrative Agency responsible for enforcing and providing determinations for the following articles of the Los Angeles Administrative Code:

  • Service Contract Worker Retention [SCWRO] (Art. 10, Chptr. 1, Div. 10)
  • Living Wages [LWO] (Art. 11, Chptr. 1, Div. 10)
  • Contractor Performance Evaluation [CPEO] (Art. 13, Chptr. 1, Div. 10)
  • Contractor Responsibility [CRO] (Art. 14, Chptr. 1, Div. 10)
  • Slavery Disclosure [SDO] (Art. 15, Chptr. 1, Div. 10)
  • Equal Benefits [EBO] (Sect. 10.2.1)