Dispatch - (213) 485-5080
New Online Inspection Appointment Request Form


Requests for Inspection must be made before 12:00 Noon the day prior to the date of Inspection.

Permit number or work order number, job title, valid USA Dig number, address or location of project will be required information to schedule an inspector.

The Bureau of Contract Administration Dispatch Group is responsible for the daily scheduling of inspections by Contractors and Bureau Inspectors in the Metropolitan, Valley, West Los Angeles, and Harbor areas of the City.

This group is responsible for the scheduling of inspections of Class A and B permits, Cash Contracts, Sewer Connection permits, General Deposit permits, Special Deposit permits, Utility permits Excavation permits, and batch plant inspection throughout the City.

Dispatch also provides inspection schedules for lateral support permits, which are permits to shore up the public right of way when developers are excavating large deep areas for private construction of buildings or garages.

Most of these permits are taken out by the various private developers, water, power, telephone and cable companies that service the City.

New Dispatch System Schedules:
Metro East Schedule
Metro West Schedule
Valley Schedule
Shop Schedule
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